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Elect Jack Daus to HD4
Political Activism in Denver

Jack Daus was impressed when he stepped up to run for Colorado House District 4 and found out there were dozens of people active with the Denver County Republican Party. Not only did he find an active Republican affiliate managing Denver County, but he found most of the state house districts in the county were being managed by volunteers as well.

The world is very different than it was ten years ago. It is very different than it was four years ago. More and more people are walking away from the Democrat party and looking at the Republican Party as an option.

Denver County is very active. Did you know even though it is very difficult to elect Republicans in Denver County, every Republican who shows up to vote raises the chances of winning on the state level considerably.

Denver County Republicans hosts training, candidate meet and greets, organizational meetings, social events, and more. Jack is known to show up at some of these events. Candidates attending a social event are often mentioned on their Meetup calendar: Meetup.com/DenverGOP.

Denver GOP also has a website with information: DenverGOP.org. You can find a calendar and candidate information there.


Where is HD4?

Colorado House District 4 rests between Federal and Sheridan. It has a border of 52 Avenue on the northern edge. It is bordered by Kentucky Avenue on the southern edge. It contains Sloan Lake, Lakeside Park, and portions of Regis University. The West Highlands, Berkeley, Sunnyside, and Barnum neighborhoods are included within the boundaries of HD4.