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Elect Jack Daus to HD4
Flip HD4 to RED!

Jack Daus, like many people fed up with the current state of the United States, attended his caucus on March 1, 2022. Jack had never participated in politics before. But following politics closely in the last few years made Jack realize it was time do something significant.

Jack stepped up to run as a Republican in his district, Colorado House District 4. Daus knows the neighborhoods are not the same as they were. He has lived in the area for twenty-five years. He sees the changes you do, the rising crime, homelessness, and public drug use. There is a rise in taxes with a decline in safety in Denver's northwestern neighborhoods.

Jack is not a politician. He is a businessman and your neighbor in the Denver Sunnyside neighborhood.


Where is HD4?

Colorado House District 4 rests between Federal and Sheridan. It has a border of 52 Avenue on the northern edge. It is bordered by Kentucky Avenue on the southern edge. It contains Sloan Lake, Lakeside Park, and portions of Regis University. The West Highlands, Berkeley, Sunnyside, and Barnum neighborhoods are included within the boundaries of HD4.